Barbados - January 2002

At a party a few weeks before Christmas, Lynn and I decided some sunshine was in order as soon as possible ... so we found a slot in the diary and started looking around for a deal. We landed up in Barbados and I fell in love ... with the island just in case you're wondering! The photos here don't really do it justice (my digital camera got nicked while I was there, so had to resort to my old APS and the scanner), the colours were much richer and nothing can reproduce the heat and the sense of utter well-being it gave you. I've never relaxed so quickly anywhere, and I can't wait to go back.

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Beach at hotel Beach at hotel
Above and left - the beach at the hotel, breakers too big for swimming, but it was the most peaceful place to hang out
Sam Lords Castle Speightstown beach
The main house at Sam Lords Castle - our hotel on the south east coast of Barbados. Despite my Dad trying to tell everyone this was the house we rented, our room was actually elsewhere in the grounds. The view from the deck of the Fishermans Pub in Speightstown on the west coast of the island. We stopped for lunch here after hanging out on Mullins Beach for the morning.
North Coast Bathsheba
The waves crashing against these cliffs on the north coast were truly spectacular, and Lynn doesn't look too bad either! Bathsheba on the east coast, where the surfers hang out! Got a much sunnier shot the previous day before the camera got nicked, but I rather like the ethereal quality of this one as the light faded.

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