Silverstone 2008

No time for a report (at this stage anyway) but this page will serve as a link to the photographs from my visit to the 2008 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

It's been a few years since my last visit to a Grand Prix anywhere in the world and I find I'm somewhat out of practice on the photographic front, so apologies for the quality of some of what follows, but I hope you will enjoy them nonetheless.

For Qualifying, I was seated in Luffield B and the photos you will see are all taken from this location.

QUALIFYING PHOTOS - hover mouse over images to pause slideshows

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On Race Day, I was in the Paddock Suites above the entry to the pitlane - good spot for grid photos but rain, spray, speed and a desire to watch live rather than on a viewfinder, mean there are very few from the race itself.

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