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31 July 2011: As you will know if you've dipped into the site in the last couple of years, I haven't updated it since the 2009 season. Other things in life have meant I haven't been able to commit the time required to keep it up to date, but I can't quite bring myself to delete it. I still use the accumulated stats and info myself as a useful resource of F1 info, and I hope you too will find something here of interest.

Why Roro?

The name "Roro" was gifted to me by the daughter of a friend (hi Sophie!) before she could get her tongue around Carolyn. I've become rather fond of it over the years so it's as Roro I welcome you to my website :-)

Why Formula 1?

If you've stumbled across my site by accident, you won't know me from Adam and can be forgiven for not knowing that my main obsession in life is FORMULA 1!

If you're now sitting there thinking "what's Formula 1", you have my deepest sympathy ... you simply don't know what you're missing! So treat this as a learning experience and have a look around anyway :-)

For the already converted, you need no further introduction than the brief summary below of what can be found here. Enjoy!

What's Here?

F1 Info Driver Line-Up for current and past seasons, Driver and Team Profiles, Circuit Information, Race Calendar, Race Weekend Timetable and a summary of FIA Rule Changes.

F1 Stats Qualifying and Race Results, Championship Standings, Team Mate Comparisons, Qualifying, Finishing and Reliability records - updated after every race, Fastest Laps, All Time records and Driver Ages.

Features Photographs and articles covering visits to the Canadian, British and Belgian GPs in 2002, the Canadian and US GPs in 2004, a Silverstone test session, an Open Day at the Toyota F1 Factory, the 2001 CART race at Rockingham and the 2006 Goodwood Festival of Speed; an account of my short, but oh so sweet, career as an F1 driver; and for those whose interest in F1 is not all-consuming, trips to Peru, Egypt, Turkey, East Africa and Botswana.

Links I try to maintain a comprehensive list of links to the official websites of drivers, teams and circuits, as well as other F1 content that catches my eye and some more general, non-F1 links that others may find helpful. If there's a site you'd like to see included, please Add a Link here

Gallery Some half-way decent shots from Silverstone 2001 provided the initial material for this page! I also dug out some of the old prints ... not quite as sharp, but they're my F1 history! As the site has developed however, most of the new photographic content has found its way into the Features section, so make sure to check that out too.

Guestbook Every site should have one! So far the general concensus seems to be that I'm a nerd, but I'm not taking it personally and look forward to receiving more feedback in due course.

Search Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Use the search facility!

Contact Me I'm always happy to receive feedback, so if you spot any errors, or if there's anything you'd like to see here that I haven't already covered, please get in touch.

Who am I?

New sisterI sometimes have trouble working that one out myself, but as a way of introducing myself to you I've selected a couple of photos I actually like ... principally because they were taken so long ago they give you very little idea of what I look like now! First, the angelic one (sorry about the quality) ... and yes, I'm the cute one in the pristine dress, not the grubby one in the wellingtons! Taken in the days when my brother was pleased to bits with his new baby sister (despite having told the lady from the adoption society that they could cancel me if I didn't arrive soon!). The novelty wore off in time, it seems I wasn't as much fun as Dad's lawnmower, motorbikes, cars ... hmmm, maybe he had a bigger influence on me than I thought!

Sailing awayAnd still in black and white, although I'm assured colour photography had in fact been invented by this time, another photo I like because it looks nothing like me! This one though I also like for the memories it invokes of a weekend sailing off the Isle of Wight with Guy, a French jazz clarinnetist with the sexiest voice and a yacht ... what more could a girl ask ;-) Well, thinking back, maybe that my flatmates hadn't come along with us (that's their legs in the background), that I hadn't got quite so sunburnt and that Guy had been a bit less of a gentleman! Although as my parents are likely to see this website, maybe I should have kept that last bit to myself!

Now you know what I looked like in my youth, I'll carry on with the serious stuff of ensuring you have some vaguely interesting content to browse through. This site started out as a bit of fun and very much as a learning exercise (since then I've discovered the learning never stops) but has developed into something I'm really quite proud of. I'm not renowned for my ability to finish what I start (if you could see the number of half decorated rooms in my house, you'd know that) - maybe it's because the site, by its nature, will never be finished that its held my interest for so long. I hope it captures yours and you'll come back and visit often.

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