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Lap Records

Lap records can only be set during the race, faster laps are often achieved during Qualifying and a separate schedule of Fastest Qualifying Laps is available here.

 Circuit Speed Lap time Year  Driver  Team
 Monza 257.320 km/h 1m 21.046s 2004  Rubens Barrichello  Ferrari
 Spa Francorchamps 238.931 km/h 1m 45.108s 2004  Kimi Raikkonen  McLaren Mercedes
 Silverstone 235.049 km/h 1m 18.739s 2004  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari
 Suzuka 228.372 km/h 1m 31.540s 2005  Kimi Raikkonen  McLaren
 A1-Ring 227.894 km/h 1m 08.337s 2003  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari
 Melbourne 226.933 km/h 1m 24.125s 2004  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari
 Istanbul 226.693 km/h 1m 24.770s 2005  Juan Pablo Montoya  McLaren
 Hockenheim 223.182 km/h 1m 13.780s 2004  Kimi Raikkonen  McLaren Mercedes
 Imola 220.850 km/h 1m 20.411s 2004  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari
 Barcelona 202.685 km/h 1m 22.680s 2007  Felipe Massa  Ferrari
 Interlagos 217.038 km/h 1m 11.473s 2004  Juan Pablo Montoya  Williams BMW
 Bahrain 216.074 km/h 1m 30.252s 2004  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari
 Indianapolis 214.366 km/h 1m 10.399s 2004  Rubens Barrichello  Ferrari
 Montreal 213.246 km/h 1m 13.622s 2004  Rubens Barrichello  Ferrari
 Shanghai 212.749 km/h 1m 32.238s 2004  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari
 Sepang 211.782 km/h 1m 34.223s 2004  Juan Pablo Montoya  Williams BMW
 Magny-Cours 210.669 km/h 1m 15.377s 2004  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari
 Nurburgring 207.144 km/h 1m 29.468s 2004  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari
 Hungaroring 199.461 km/h 1m 19.071s 2004  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari
 Monte Carlo 161.528 km/h 1m 14.439s 2004  Michael Schumacher  Ferrari

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